She is particularly admired for her atmospheric lighting, and for creating compositions that hint at dramatic narrative, even romance, without specifying exactly what’s happening.
— Fine Art Connoisseur
It was a particular quality of her still life paintings that most captured my attention. For lack of a better word, I might call it “presence”. Her still life subjects have immediacy, a painterly, tactile surface quality and a refined sense of composition... Her portrait and figurative subjects are often moody and theatrical, with figures emerging from deep chiaroscuro. Her landscapes and cityscapes are more direct, but also often deal in shadow.
— Charley Parker, Lines and Colors Blog
Leah is an excellent artist who has taught me more than any other art teacher I’ve ever had. Her advice, rules of thumb and guidelines for painting has been invaluable to me. She also has the patience of a saint and is forever upbeat and approachable.
— P.B. New York via LinkedIn
“Leah Lopez is not only a phenomenal artist but also a skilled teacher. She is a very passionate painter, capable of capturing a story or a visual moment and painting it for all to feel and sense. She also has that rare ability to share these joys, emotions, and talents with her students, like my wife, helping them to do their best. “

G.S. New York via LinkedIn
I have been studying with Leah for 2 1/2 year now and had never painted before. I have learned so much. The way she takes you through your level of understanding and helps you to see each step along the way as thing come up. I have learn so much, color form, shape, relationship, space composition, I could go on & on. She is passionate about what she does and wants her student to grow & blossom. She is a gifted painter and teacher!
— G M. Manhattan, NY via Yelp
I just wanted to say thanks for giving me a great start on oil painting this past weekend. I had no idea what to expect and was a little anxious about humiliating myself. You are a great instructor and made the translation of mediums much easier than it could have been. Thanks again.
— Garnet, MA
I can’t say enough about Leah as an art teacher. You should be prepared to enter a high level class in terms of quality. she clearly sets out to teach students the skills to use to paint beautiful paintings, but leaves room for individual expression mad growth. She was the impetus that drove me into wanting to learn more and become a serious oil painter. Exceptional teacher.. Highly recommend her classes
— Suzanne B. Globetrotter Fernandina Beach, FL via Yelp
I have enjoyed art lessons in Denver, where I live, and Taos, New Mexico where I was immersed for a week some years ago. But I have never learned so much from someone so knowledgeable and communicative as the five days I spent with Leah in her “ABC’s to Still Life Painting.” Leah is not just a gifted artist and talented teacher; she is in a class of her own. I enrolled in need of the fundamentals and left with so much more. I am so glad I found Leah and cannot more highly recommend her as an exceptional teacher and source of encouragement.
— Joe S. Denver, CO via Yelp
Leah provided excellent art instruction during the workshop I attended at the Cape Cod Art Association. She was patient and took time with each student. I keep in mind tips she gave when I paint now, and feel fortuanate to have had the opportunity to study with her.
— Ellen H. Boston, MA via LinkedIn
Leah Lopez is a good oil painter and even better teacher. Oil painting is hard, you have to work a lot to learn it, but Leah makes it so easy.
Additionally to being young and pretty she’s blessed with ability to teach, to understand what is student’s problem and teach him/her just that.
Even in the most crowded class she finds time for every student.

She teaches mainly still life painting at her private studio on Union Square and in New York Art Academy in Soho.
— Jacob M. Brooklyn, NY via Yelp
Leah Lopez is an extraordinary painter and creator of realism art. She is also a teacher at the New York Academy of Art where I have been her student for 7 semesters in the continuing education division. She is a patient, available and nurturing teacher, who generously shares her techniques and time. For anyone interested in learning to be an oil painter, Leah provides a non-threatening, friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Her classroom is a very easy environment to learn, grow, and become accomplished in your own right. I highly recommend her as a teacher, and I truly believe her work to be inspiring. I invite you to check out her website at
— S.G. New York via LinkedIn